This small country might not get all the kudos some other European countries get but in our eyes, it darn well should. Perched between France to the south and the Netherlands to the north, Belgium is a superb country to explore. Now, you may have heard us mention beer….Well, yes. This place is famous for it. With about 180 breweries throughout the country, there’s plenty of options for tastings for those of you who fancy the stuff.

And let’s not forget chocolate. Over 170,000 tonnes is produced every year in Belgium (now THERE’S a few hours with the weights…) and there’s more than 2000 shops selling the fine produce. A nice little gift to take back home perhaps? We all know someone who loves a bit of chocolate as a gift, which, after a few days away with us, might not be a bad idea…

Being such a small country geographically, this place is perfect for a road trip. With driving times between cities of no more than 1.5 hours, stadium hopping to watch exciting teams like Bruges, Antwerp and Anderlecht will be a breeze.



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