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I’ve recently become fascinated with Feyenoord, it began while watching a Europa league game last season at their home ground Stadion Feyernood or as its better known “De Kuip”. On a match day De Kuip can seat 53,000 fans and with the lower tier of this stadium being predominantly standing, can create a unique intimidating atmosphere.

Its fair to say that Feyenoord don’t have a ultras group. The definition of ultras is that of those that support their team win,lose or draw for the full 90 minutes  and dedicate their lives to the club. At Feyernoord the whole stadium does this so there is no need for an ultras group.

The club itself plays a part in creating such a unrivalled atmosphere in the Erevisie , What other club do you know of that would allow their training ground situated next to the stadium to be turned into a pre match drinking fan zone. Known as The Varkenoord it is the popular choice amongst Feyenoord fans for their pre game tipple or 10 and at less than €2 a beer credit must go to the club for not constantly wanting to profit from their fans.  So refreshing these days when all we hear and read about in England of how obsessed with wealth our Premier League clubs are.

There is a saying in Rotterdam that visitors to the club catch “The Feyenoord Virus”, a feeling which inspires people to visit again and again, if that’s the case then sign me up and I’ll definitely leave my aspirin’s at home.

Look out for details in the coming weeks for our first visit to Rotterdam and Feyenoord of 2016.

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