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The question has been popped and the best man has been selected, so now the planning for the big day has truly begun. Yes, we are talking about the Stag Do! It is the biggest job that could ever be bestowed on a man and you know that you have to get it right for your friend’s sake. Will it simply be a night on the town, a weekend of activities, a lads holiday, a football stag do or a classic stag weekend to Amsterdam? Whatever you decide, the groom deserves a stag do that he will never forget.

As stag do ideas are becoming more and more elaborate, it can be hard to keep on top of everything for the big event. Don’t panic, as Football Road Trips are here with our top tips on how to plan the perfect stag do.


1. Select a date

The all important date will be the day your stags will be counting down to in their calendars. For this reason, it is vital that you select a date where everybody is available. You don’t want the big day to clash with other events or weddings. The date selection also brings up the dilemma of when you would like to watch your favourite team, such as Dortmund, play. Should you watch them during a season opener, a winter game or an end of season clash where they could be chasing for the league title? Whatever the date, get as many of your stags together as possible but always remember it is the groom’s plans that you need to bear in mind the most.


2. Find the perfect location

The groom may have some big ideas of where he might want to go, but a best man must pick the perfect destination. The groom might remember a good night out in town or an activity somewhere nearby, but what about a trip to Europe? With Belgium, France, Germany and Holland in a reasonable distance, savouring the delights of European beer and football would certainly be considered perfect. If you book your stag do with Football Road Trips, you will not only take in one perfect location but two or three different countries. It’s what we do best!


3. Consider the budget

No stag do should break the bank for all participants, but a groom deserves the time of his life and for that you may have to a pay a little extra. Our incredible, once-in-a-lifetime football trips start from £589 per person, with bespoke packages available and DIY trips can be put together if required. Once you know how many stags you’ll have on your trip, submit your requirements online here and the experts will let you know how much it will cost. This is perfect way for all budgets and persons to be considered.


4. Manage your stags accordingly

Now, we know your lads can get a bit rowdy on the night itself which is very much allowed and encouraged! However, they need to get themselves organised so everything is completely arranged ahead of the stag do. It is up to you as the best man to manage all of the events of the trip. Making sure your stags pay on time is vital as any hassle over payments will be embarrassing for any groom. You will also want to make sure that all of your payments are paid securely. Football Road Trips is a member of the Travel Vault which allows us to offer our customers that piece of mind when booking with us, and you can book knowing your money is safe and your trip secure.


5. Consider every detail of your stag party

Once you have got your tickets to watch Royal Antwerp, Lyon or Hamburg, it is time to consider the little details that make a stag party one to remember. Stag do games and challenges are always fun little additions that keep the beer and banter flowing. You will also want to think about whether or not you will you insist on a dress code or fancy dress – but why wouldn’t you?!

How about turning your football trip into a Play & Watch trip, where you and your stags take on other groups in a football tournament before watching the professional game. You also want to make sure all transport arrangements are sorted. What about a luxury Mercedes Sprinter kitted out with Playstation 4’s and a beer fridge? That’s what you can get with your football stag do weekend with us, which will definitely be one to remember!


6. Keep your mates in the loop

Make sure you keep in contact with everybody in your group. Maybe you have decided on a change of leaving destination or that you have changed your trip to go to Bruges, Rotterdam and Paris because of the budget. Create a WhatsApp or Facebook group to make it easier for everyone to stay in the loop. Just remember to keep the groom away from all of your secret plans!


7. Let the experts plan your big weekend

Why not take all of the stag do stress away from yourself? Draft in the experts to create your bespoke football stag do weekend. Football away days aren’t the easiest to organise but we at Football Road Trips are the experts in this field. All you have to do is contact us with the dates of your stag do, where you want to leave from and your budget per person and we will give you a proposed itinerary for free within 48 hours. How is easy is that? By doing this you will feel relieved knowing the perfect stag do weekend will be arranged for you, and you can relax and enjoy it along with the rest of your mates!

Football Road Trips are experts in creating bespoke football packages for stag weekends. Contact us today to find out more about our football stag dos.


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