Cologne, the largest city in the Rhineland, famous for its spectacular cathedral, (Kolner Dom) and its football team FC Koln. One of the founding members of the German Bundesliga famously gave Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest their biggest test in their triumphant European Cup winning campaign, losing the semi final 4-3 on aggregate in 1979.

The Rhineland is rich in terms of football teams with Cologne being no exception, the most famous being the mentioned FC Koln, it’s also home to Fortuna Koln in the bundesliga 2 as well regionaliga side Viktoria Koln. If you’re still not satisfied, you’re only a short train ride away to Monchengladbach, Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Essen and Oberhausen, which host many a football club across the Bundesliga divisions.

Cologne has an excellent nightlife aided by the famous local beer Kolsch found everywhere in the cities many bars, clubs and brew houses. Cologne’s night life is spread over many districts of the city with something for everyone.


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The Football

FC Koln

cologne stadium

FC Koln play their home games at the RheinEnergie Stadium, it opened in 2005 constructed on the same spot as their former stadium the Müngersdorfer, which was their home for over 65 years.

In the early years of the Bundesliga through to the late 80s, Koln were one of Germany’s leading teams winning the 1st Division title 3 times as well as reaching a European final.

Capacity: 50,000

Koln’s nickname is “The Billy Goats” referring to the club’s mascot.

Koln’s fierce main rivals are Bayer Leverkusen.

Come the 90s, Koln’s form began to subside and they became a yo-yo team up till the present day.


The Rhein Energie stadium is 4 miles west from the centre of Cologne, though pre-match, we’ll take you to some cool spots in the South West area of the city for drinks.