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Situated in Western Germany on the Rhine river, Dusseldorf is famous for its shopping, seasonal events but mostly, for its brilliant nightlife. And if you love your dark beer, this is the place to be. Head to the old town to a traditional brewery for a taste of ‘Altbier’, only brewed in and around the city of Dusseldorf, a fact the locals are immensely proud of. But beware: bigging up any of the paler varieties from neighbouring Cologne here is a big no-no, the intercity rivalry between these two cities is immense, especially when it comes to their local beers!

In footballing terms, the big boys of this town are Fortuna Düsseldorf, currently playing in second division Bundesliga at The Esprit Arena. These guys happen to be the only German club to be relegated to the 4th division, then promoted all the way back up to the 1st! Pretty impressive stuff, and that’s just what we expect to see when we visit this exciting city.

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The Football

Fortuna Dusseldorf

Fortuna Dusseldorf’s home is the Espirit Arena. Dusseldorf’s average attendance of 32,000 is the highest in Bundesliga 2 by a long stretch and provides a great atmosphere on a match day. In the 70s/80s Fortuna were a force of German Football reaching a European Cup final but these days they find themselves struggling at the foot of the second division on a regular basis.

Capacity: 54,600

The Largest stadium in Bundesliga 2 by some margin

Fortuna Dusseldorf formed in 1895, one of the oldest Bundesliga clubs

The stadium is a 4 mile journey along the banks of the river Rhine from the centre of Dusseldorf and with the city’s reputation of being a drinking capital of Europe there’s many a beerhaus to choose from in the city’s Old Town district before heading north to the stadium. This a popular routine for fans on match day as the surroundings of a stadium are more suited to the city’s thriving business clientele.