In the beginning…There was Europe. Well, that’s how our Football Road Trips journey is starting out anyway. With plans to add trips across the USA and South America in the future, we have set about plotting world domination by starting closer to home. With European football the bee’s knees of our sport and with enough history and culture to keep us satisfied for a lifetime, what can be better than a football package holiday around the continent that started the game. Once we add flight packages to our itineraries we will add the likes of Prague, Bucharest and St Petersburg to our ever growing list but for now, have a look at these babies. Enjoy.


Beer. The first thing that springs to mind when the name of this little gem of a country pops up is beer. Boy, do they do it well! What better place to spend a day or two than a place that takes this nectar of the Gods so seriously it has become almost an obsession. But it’s not only about wheat and barley, as Belgium is also not bad at knocking the old football around and not only that, but the likes of Royal Antwerp, Anderlecht and Club Bruges provide a fantastic backdrop of quaint towns and football history that is sure to keep any football fan happy. Oh, and there’s chocolate….. Yum.

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Oo la la. It’s France! Famed for it’s questionable fashion and great sense of humour, (I think that’s the right way round?) this a country we simply cannot avoid at Football Road Trips. And we wouldn’t want to! With incredibly beautiful cities such as Paris, Nice, Bourdeaux, Lyon and Lille and as this was the home of Euro 2016 we spent a lot of time there last year! The meteoric rise of PSG has seen the likes of Ibrahimovic and Cavani grace the much improved Ligue 1 and the improvement in French football is staggering. We love going to France and thank them for giving the world baguettes and mayonnaise as well as fantastic countryside and exciting football.

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Oh Deutschland. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about this phenomenal country. Laden with great football, late night bars, strong beer, tasty sausages and sauerkraut, Germany is a paradise for groups looking for a good time. A Mecca for stag do’s for decades, there isn’t much that can go wrong when picking a trip that combines watching the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich or Schalke in the Bundesliga, with nights out partying in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. The world champions know a thing or two about our beloved sport and they don’t mind showing us. Oh yes, Football Road Trips likes Germany. A lot.

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The incorrectly named Holland, (It’s the Netherlands!) has been a feature for stag do’s and lads trips away since time began. And it’s not hard to see why. From the smoke filled cafés of Amsterdam to the friendly, orange clad, clog loving football fans, this is a country that never fails to put a smile on your face. With the fantastic Amsterdam Arena playing host to the club that invented total football, an Ajax game is a must for those who love the beautiful game. With cities like Eindhoven and Rotterdam to enjoy too, we suspect we will be re-visiting this mountain deprived country over and over again. They may not be showcasing the likes of Gullit, Bergkamp and Cruyff these days but when it comes to football this place is second to none.

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